Call Centre +370 5 244 2244
Mental Health Clinic +370 5 265 8564
Occupational Health Clinic +370 5 233 0478


Become our patient

If you are a patient of other Lithuanian medical institution, but wish to get a medical consultation at the Public Institution Centro poliklinika, you have to get your doctor’s referral and register for the appointment at the reception. This referral permits you to register and receive a free consultation at any Lithuanian medical institution within 180 days.

If you wish to get an instant service, you will have to pay.

Necessary documents for registration:

  • Adult registration requires an identity card with a photograph (passport, identity card or any other document with a photograph and personal number)
  • Children registration requires Lithuanian certificate of birth with personal number.

More information on +370 5 244 2244

If you would like to become a patient of Mental Health Clinic (Vytenio st. 59),
please call +370 5 265 8564
daily 7.00–20.00

For a primary health care visit (family doctor, internist, pediatrician, surgeon, gynecologist, odontologist) you may register via internet (read here) or by telephone +370 5 244 2244.

For a secondary health care visit you have to get the referral from your primary health care specialist or other medical specialists. No need of the referral when visiting dermatovenerologist.

If you wish to visit a secondary health care specialist without a referral, you have to pay for services provided.

Fee for primary registration and workflow is 0,29 Euros. (If a person resigned at the other medical institution wants to rejoin our institution and earlier than after 6 months, then the price is 2,9 Euros)


  1. Address your family doctor for all your health problems (family doctor, internist, pediatrician).
  2. Remember your doctor’s name to learn about his or her work schedule.
  3. Respect your doctor and other patients - always come for a visit on time.

Emergency services will be provided by the doctors working at that time.